Patented Accuracy

We are a proprietary hardware and software solutions leader in the casino industry with over 7 years experience delivering slot-like analytics for popular casino table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Carnival Games.

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Player and business analytics through Bet Recognition

We are revolutionizing how Casinos operate their business by providing unprecedented data on table games, with accuracy never imagined before. In an ever-changing space, we continuously optimize and innovate our products ensuring we stay at the cusp of the gaming world while taking an analytical approach like no one else in the industry.

Building What No One Else Could

Our patented optical camera system uses three-dimensional cameras to isolate the chips that are in the betting spots and allows us to isolate them from everything – allowing us to have 98.5% accuracy and more data than was ever imagined possible. ARB Labs is ushering in a new era of data analytics and precision marketing with accountable ROI for table games.

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of all bets optically captured

> 95%

accuracy for bet calculations in real-time using AI


average wagers tracked per retail table per day

Why Choose Us

(The Clear Choice)

Provide operators with the data they need to grow their business efficiently and effectively.

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We specialize in image processing and learning algorithms, using proprietary vision-based recognition system to collect data on table games. Our advanced algorithms are able to train your casino’s existing chips and calculate wagers in real time. Our proprietary hardware and software technology does not require the use of RFID and the optical technology has the ability to normalize chips in different lighting conditions.

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We commenced filing patent applications in 2011, initially focusing on proprietary gesture recognition technology. Our focus later shifted to the casino industry and patent applications were filed incorporating casino table hand counting, detection of security focused data, and most importantly, recognition of player’s wagers and game participation. Our technology is patent protected around the globe!

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Minimal Infrastructure

Aside from our core offering (ChipVue hardware), the system requires only one network line, one network switch (unless the table has a free network line), and one power plug at the pit to function resulting in less downtime to install and more revenue for your gaming floor. Other systems that use RFID hardware or light sensor technology are more complicated to install and require more of the casino’s infrastructure to function.

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Integration into Existing Casino Technology

ChipVue is integrated into many key software systems used in casinos, and with our own Table Management Platform, we’ve created an industry leading standard to accommodate the vast data points, never available before ChipVue was created.

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Innovations to drive efficiency

ARB Labs has been shaping the future of the casino industry with game-changing innovations designed to drive efficiency and increase accuracy.


Completes prototype of LimitVue and CageVue, debuted at G2E in October 2020.


  • ARB Labs released ChipVue V2.0, certified by GLI with preproduction units running in the field.
  • ARB Labs develops their own full table management platform, ChipVue TMP, for casinos in Q3 2019.
  • Completed prototype of TrayVue, debuted at G2E in October 2019.
  • Acquires GLI certification in target jurisdictions in the United States.
  • Acquires FCC certification.


ARB Labs completed the development of its beta hardware.


ARB Labs successfully completes casino floor trials of ChipVue at Fallsview Casino in Ontario, FireKeepers Casino in Michigan, and lab and floor trials at The Venetian in Las Vegas.


ARB Labs files its first patent and continues to file and receive granted patents on an international basis for IP in the bet recognition space.

The Leadership Team

Andrzej Kepinski

Chairman & CEO

Andrzej Kepinski is a successful entrepreneur and long-term resident of Toronto. He started his career in entertainment as a tennis exhibition promoter in 1979. He owned, staged and was the director of over 40 tennis exhibitions and tournaments worldwide. Mr. Kepinski has been involved in the gaming industry since 1992 and is the key founder of Fallsview Casino. He assembled the team that became the successful proponent to design, finance, build and manage the 3.5 million square foot development of Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls. This development was Ontario’s first billion-dollar, public-private partnership.

Adrian Bulzacki

President & Director

Adrian is the founder of ARB Labs Inc. and holds a Ph.D. from Ryerson University in Electrical and Computer Engineering, specializing in multimedia systems with a particular focus on predictive gesture recognition and augmented reality. Adrian’s field of expertise is in computer software and hardware, including mobile electronics and performance computing. Adrian is a founding member of Ryerson University’s DMZ, which has been named the #1 university-based business incubator in North America by UBI Global. Adrian was a Lab Supervisor for the Ryerson Multimedia Laboratory and was part of a small team that designed Ryerson’s Centre for Interactive Multimedia and Information Mining. Adrian has over 18 years combined experience in the fields of computer consulting, repairs, and sales, as well as seven years of supervisory experience in retail, engineering, and manufacturing.

Vlad Cazan

CTO & Chief Implementation Officer

Vlad holds a Masters in Media Production from Ryerson University. As a graduate from Ryerson’s RTA School of Media, Vlad had focused his research within the field of digital media, working with various technologies such as interactive technologies, physical installations, and adaptive technologies. Through this research, Vlad has created a variety of installations and technologies such as gesture tracking and floor-based projection applications, in addition to his work in adaptive design.

Data and Analytics to Run at Your Best

If you would like more information about ARB Labs and our services, or just have a general question, we would be happy to hear from you. Please fill out the accompanying form, and we will get back to by the next business day.

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