Optical Bet Recognition and AI

Accurate Data Drives Casino Success

Would you manually track your slot players?
Then why aren’t you utilizing real-time, slot-like analytics for your table games?

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Game Changing Analytics and Accuracy

ChipVue patented real-time bet recognition system collects slot-like analytics for table games. You can now track and store every wager made at the table by every player in real time – every second.

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Track Every Bet in Real-Time

  • Track every hand, every wager, every second – with 98.5% accuracy
  • Track every wager by main and side bets
  • Understand your table players true worth
  • Market to the right people, and track you ROI
  • Optimize your tables, your staff, and your marketing

Optical Bet Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

We’ve solved this industry wide problem by offering you accurate, real time player ratings and unprecedented visibility into your table performance.


of all bets optically captured

> 95%

accuracy for bet calculations in real-time using AI


average wagers tracked per retail table per day

Marketing to table players like you would with slot players

Market with precision, and track your success. ChipVue captures data on table games players that has never been achievable before, enabling you to spend marketing dollars on the patrons that will drive the greatest ROI. And now you can track your spend and your return.

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Casino Optimization -

Make informed business decisions

The data, reporting and analytics you can now have for table games, is going to change your business.

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Staff with confidence

ChipVue puts the data in your hands. With our reports you can help track dealers’ actual hand per hour, side bets sold by each dealer, and understand the actual utilization of every table, every second. With historical trends you can schedule staff with confidence, and staff with the right dealers at the right game and time. You can also optimize the location of your floor.

Target your marketing

Your marketing budget should be utilized on your most profitable customers, that’s why our systems track every hand, main bet and side bet. Players are easily logged in by the dealer to ensure every hand they play is captured and logged in our table management system. Real-time analytics like you’ve never seen before. Imagine tracking every hand, every bet, every player, every round.

Empower your Pit Bosses

ChipVue captures data in realtime saving pit bosses from manually entering in players wagers. Instead your pit boss is touring the floor, with real time analytics in his hand for every player on the floor. They can now focus on keeping your top customers happy and the tables optimized.

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Safety first

Don’t Let Covid stop your business

SafePlay, allows your dealers to clean and disinfect the chips in the chip tray simply by placing the UV-C enabled tray lid on the chip tray and clean the chips in 90-120 seconds, remove the lid and get back to playing. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology is emitted under the lid, while the chips are rotated, killing viruses and bacteria while ensuring your table is down for just a few minutes in the process – meaning more game time and less down time.

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Optimize Your Operations with TrayVue

ChipVue was designed with your business in mind. The TrayVue chip tray accounting system allows for real-time tracking of each chip and denomination in the tray to track table win/loss, automate credits and fills, and accelerate the calculation of opener and closer amounts. A key add-on that is integrated right into ChipVue

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Track all Chip to Cash Transactions

CageVue utilizes optical imagery and artificial intelligence to track and document all chip to cash transactions. They are authenticated and recorded to prevent collusion between players and employees and authenticate chip’s unique security features to prevent counterfeit chips being cashed in.

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More Data Requires Better Software

Most table game software companies haven’t even designed their platforms to handle all the different types of data we generate. Don’t worry, we can integrate with every platform through our API. But we think you will prefer our table management platform that was specifically designed to handle all the new data points that ChipVue calculates. Real time data on every round, bets and side bets allow TMP to create reports and analytics on everything from side bet participation to dealer performance, yield management and much more.

Stringently tested to the highest accuracy standard.

Picture by picture, bet by bet; every single wager was captured through our software and analysed during a two month period. The test entailed taking a full 24 hours worth of data and images from the busiest night of the week.

A human team then analyzed every picture against every bet calculation and the results were astounding. After going through tens of thousands of samples, our system was 98.5% accurate from an event recognition perspective. In contrast, the casino’s manual process was run in conjunction at the same time, and with the historical process an average of 14% of bets were correctly gathered.

Upgrade to real-time bet recognition

How do you want to staff your tables, deploy your marketing budget, and run your business? With manually gathered data that could have as little as 14 % accuracy or real-time data using ChipVue with greater than 95% accuracy?

It’s more important than ever to upgrade from the archaic systems currently being utilized and instal an all-in-one device that can recognize your most profitable customers, and optimize your entire table gaming business.

We would love to show you under the hood.

Learn how we can bring you real time slot-like analytics for table games, and change your business with data and analytics you never imagined possible.

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