Our Market Solutions allow ARB Labs Inc. to provide our clients with more engaging, immersive, efficient workplaces. As advances within the following industries have changed, the technology we utilize within them must change as well. Our technology is designed for developers the Gaming, Motion Capture, Security, Industrial and Healthcare industries, while still have the power to help other industries! Please contact ARB Labs to learn more about ARB Labs' solutions can improve your business.

  • Gaming


    Through ARB Labs' Gesture Studio, we allow developers to recognize and track their own gestures. By introducing the ability of tracking static poses at 600+fps and motions through time at 98.9% accuracy, ARB Labs is allowing for a more interactive, immersive experience for gamers. Please see our Gesture Studio page for more!

  • Health Care

    Health Care

    ARB Labs' technology has multiple applications within the Healthcare industry. Healthcare practitioners could use a sensor-laden device in a patient's home to track and record the patient's body movements for evaluation by a doctor at a remote location. Through the gestures that are logged in Gesture Studio, patients could partake in rehabilitation exercises through matching movements to gestures displayed. These exercises will factor in time to execute gesture and joint positioning to create a realistic rehabilitation experience. Other applications include engagement tools for autistic individuals and touchless technology for operating rooms.

  • Industrial


    A key advantage of Gesture Studio is that it could further accelerate the designing process as it eliminates the need for utilizing cumbersome editing tools and simply requires hand gestures. Thus, future skyscrapers, buildings, and monuments could be easily designed utilizing the Gesture Studio software and will allow industrial designers to be more engaged in their work and produce a new creative perspective than conventional methods.

  • Motion Capture

    Motion Capture

    Through Gesture Studio, ARB Labs can eliminate the need for motion capture suits and marking accesories. This makes for a much more natural way of capturing motion while still giving the user the valuable data they need. Additionally, utilizing Gesture Studio's learning algorithm, instead of raw data points pertaining the to motion capture, data that is captured is able to have meanings associated with them.

  • Security


    ARB Labs, through tracking suspect gestures preformed by perpetrators, can create new synergies between the gesture recognition and machinevision industries. Gesture Studio allows recognition of any of the gesturesin real-time, opening up the possibility for high-speed camera recognition. With the use of gesture recognition cameras on the rise, Gesture Studio can allow security developers to detect malicious activity before it happens.

  • Store Interfaces

    Store Interface's

    Through tracking standardized gestures preformed by potential customes, we can create new relationships between the gesture recognition and the retail industry. Gesture Studio allows recognition of any of the gestures in real-time, opening up the possibility for high-speed camera recognition. Allowing for customers to make purchases after hours through store windows or in real-time if a sales representative is not available to readily assist.

  • Gesture - Mouse Interface

    Gesture - Mouse Interface

  • Gesture - Specific Functions

    Gesture - Specific Functions

  • Gesture - Static Poses

    Gesture - Static Poses

  • Gesture - Poses Through Time

    Gesture - Poses Through Time