Delivering real-time table game data and analytics to make powerful business decisions.

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Real time data, AI and analytics.

Your business relies on good data to make good decisions. With poor data, or a lack of data about your table games you can’t expect to make the right decisions. Now with ChipVue’s patented bet recognition system you can have slot-like data and analytics for your table games.

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Patented Optical Camera System captures 100% of all bets

The ChipVue bet recognition system is an all-in-one integrated device with the option of a 12 or 15 tube chip tray. All of the necessary camera hardware and advanced computing equipment located inside the ChipVue tray. It is compatible with Blackjack, Baccarat and any carnival style game.

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Over 95% Accuracy

From there we use advanced machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to learn your casino’s existing chip inventory so we can track in real time; every hand, every player’s main bets, side bets, dealer efficiency, tray chip counts. In real time – every second, every player, every table. The real-time calculations are over 95% accurate, but historical data can always be checked for dispute resolution and is 100% accurate.

An Ecosystem with Insights

Starting with ChipVue as a foundation, casinos now have an ecosystem of bet recognition tools, and business optimization tools – all centered around collecting table game data and generating invaluable insights and allow casino operators make more informed marketing, staffing, security, and business decisions.

We would love to show you under the hood.

Learn how we can bring you real time slot-like analytics for table games, and change your business with data and analytics you never imagined possible.

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