Realtime and Historical Insights

ChipVue Reporting is designed specifically for ChipVue data. Completely customizable and can also be integrated with legacy systems.


Power in the Right Hands

The solution empowers pit managers with access to real-time data on each player in their pit. The interface also includes a dashboard for accessing vast bet recognition and hand count data, as well as tools for generating reports for supervisors and management such as:

  • Player Rating with Average Bet
  • Table Utilization Comparison
  • Table Games Profitability
  • Side Bet Participation
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Real-time and historical reports

A Wealth of Metrics and Analytics

  • Accurate bet recognition and hands per hour data for each player at every table
  • Dealer performance and comparison including side bet frequency, hand count performance, hands dealt per hour, and more
  • Amount Wagered by each player including highest bet, lowest bet and bet trends per visit
  • Measure of side bet participation and overall player average wager
  • Occupancy and utilization per table and per pit Player Theoretical win/loss, side wager theo, and total theo
  • Player Theoretical win/loss, side wager theo, and total theo
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Running the Casino on Data

The software interface offers “trend tools” that will allow the casino to analyze the data collected from its players and dealers, providing insights into marketing and operational efficiencies leading to increased revenue.

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Utilizing the Tsunami of Data

Working with some of the worlds best casinos, we created ChipVue Reporting with incredible reporting and features that can be completely customized to meet the needs of your casino.

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Open architecture and robust API

We built an open architecture and robust API to ensure that our data can integrate with any legacy systems within the casino, from CRMs to casino management platforms.

Secure Web-Based Experience

The software interface is web-based, runs on any operating system, integrates into a casino’s existing table management software, and is securely accessible from any PC or mobile-based device.

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Live Monitor

ChipVue’s web-based live monitor interface gives your management team real-time data of a table game including occupancy, recent and average wagers, hands played by player, as well as detailed TrayVue data.

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ChipVue Reporting - ui-cash-in-page-3996x2365-1
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Live Monitor

Complete web based table management system replacing existing systems and can be fully integrated to existing Customer Management Systems. The live monitor page shows players logged into each table, their average main and side bets as well as the number of chips in the tray. This interface is accessible from any device (computer, tablet, cellphone).

Player Info

Player information screen is accessible from the live monitor which allows you to view player historical trends, average wagers and player info.

Cash Buy-In

Cash buy in page lets you enter in cash buy-in amounts for each player.

Player Seats

Login, copy and move player seats.

Chip Fills

Enter in chip fills and credits, This is done automatically with TrayVue.

Session History

Table session history gives you a log of every translation that occurred at the table for auditing purposes and allows you to override data that may have been entered erroneously.

Archive Live

Archive live is a representation of each round of play at any given table with a timestamp and a visual representation of what the camera sees and all of the wagers that were made and accurately calculated.

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ChipVue Reporting - ui-view-each-hand-updated-3996x2365-1
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Archive live gives insights into each hand that was played at a table in chronological order.

Real Time Updates

View each hand update in real time when the round has completed.

Detail View

Click on each wager to get a better view and complete breakdown of the denomination and count of chips in each stack.

Archive Search

Archive search filters data based on specific parameters such as a dealer IDs, player IDs, minimum bet, a maximum bet, start date and end dates, and many more. This lets casinos search this data and generate reports in infinite ways.

ChipVue Reporting - ui-archive-search-3996x2365-1
ChipVue Reporting - ui-find-wagers-larger-than-3996x2365-1
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Filter Results

Archive search allows you to filter out search results based on specific fields such as player name, ID, table, date/time, min/max bets.

Filter by Wager

Find wagers larger than a specific amount to find high value players.

Filter by Date/Time

Filter out search by date and time.

Report Manager

Report manager generates customizable reports based on the casinos preferences – including but not limited to: player ratings, game utilization, dealer speed, occupancy, hand count, occupancy percentages, fit statistics, side bets table drops, openers, closers, and more. These reports can all be exported and are fully downloadable.

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ChipVue Reporting - ui-ratingreport-4116x2436-1
ChipVue Reporting - ui-sidebetreport-4116x2436-1

18 Reports

Generate 18 different reports in real-time with a few clicks of your mouse.

Player Rating

Player rating report shows each player session and provides calculated player theoretical based on the house advantage for main bets and side bets.

Side Bet Participation

Side bet participation report shows the participation of side bets broken down by game type as well as average value of each wager made.

Floor View

ChipVue Reporting - ui-floorview-3996x2365-1
ChipVue Reporting - ui-livemonitor-4116x2436-1

Gaming Floor

Real time view of the gaming floor broken down by pit. Seats that are occupied and in green and empty seats are shown as gray.

Live Table Insights

The Live Monitor page for each table can be accessed from Floor View. Live View shows the players logged into each table, their average main and side bets as well as the number of chips in the tray in real-time.

  • Market to the right players with player ratings based on real data from every hand – not hypothetical.
  • Raise and lower raise limits based on table utilization and occupancy percentages.
  • Schedule dealers based on real time and historical figures based on slot like analytics for your table games
  • Everything is measurable and knowledge is empowering
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ChipVue Reporting - tmp-dashboard-2-3066x3996-1
  • Plan with analytics never available before. For example with side bet utilization, now not only do you know who’s playing the side bet, but how popular it is, bet sizes, and which dealer was at the table when the side bet was utilized.
  • Now it’s all measurable. Any action taken at the table is measurable and can be accessed in real time in the future because you have the data reporting to take advantage of it.
  • Resolve disputes instantly with real time images of every bet and side bet accessible on the floor by pit bosses in seconds. Hard evidence to immediately resolve disputes.
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