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Bet recognition system for table games.

Maximize operational and marketing efficiencies with the world’s most accurate bet recognition system for table games.

Optimize Your Casino

Real time player ratings and unprecedented visibility into your table performance

Market with precision, and track your success. ChipVue captures data on table games players that has never been achievable before, enabling you to spend marketing dollars on the patrons that will drive the greatest ROI. And now you can track your spend and your return.

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Real-time and historical reports

Run your business on data

Our software interface offers “trend tools” which will allow your casino to analyze all data collected from your table game players and dealers, providing insights into marketing and operational efficiencies which in turn leads to increased revenue for your business.

  • Generate customizable reports
  • Access trend tools
  • Consolidate all data
  • Access key performance metrics
  • Optimize table utilization
  • In-depth insights into business operations

The ChipVue Platform

Accurate data drives success. ChipVue systems captures data that has never been achievable before, enabling you to spend marketing dollars on the players that will drive the greatest ROI. This video illustrates the entire ecosystem.

Upgrade to real-time bet recognition

How do you want to staff your tables, deploy your marketing budget, and run your business? With manually gathered data that can average at 14 % accuracy or real-time data using ChipVue with greater than 95% accuracy?

It’s more important than ever to upgrade from the archaic systems currently being utilized and instal an all-in-one device that can recognize your most profitable customers, and optimize your entire table gaming business.

We would love to show you under the hood.

Learn how we can bring you real time slot-like analytics for table games, and change your business with data and analytics you never imagined possible.

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of all bets optically captured

> 95%

accuracy for bet calculations in real-time


average wagers tracked per retail table per day

See it first hand

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We promise that you will think about your table games differently after our demo. It’s time to optimize your casino!

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