Optical based bet recognition™ system that provides real-time slot-like analytics for blackjack, baccarat and other carnival style table games.

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Works with your current chips

A fully GLI and FCC certified system that works with existing chips and tables,
and does not require any changes to dealer procedure. No specialized or RFID embedded chips are required for the system to work, our proprietary system learns your existing chips during the installation and calibration.

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Accuracy never thought possible

ChipVue’s patented real-time optical camera system uses three-dimensional images to separate the chips that are in the different betting spots – isolating them which in-turn, results in the world’s most accurate best recognition system – delivering over 95% accuracy.

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Everything you need is in the unit

The ChipVue bet recognition system is an all-in-one integrated device with the option of a 12 or 15 tube chip tray. All of the necessary cameras and computers to run the system are located inside the unit. It is compatible with Blackjack, Baccarat and any carnival style game.

ChipVue only requires a single power and network cable to be connected. Each table then works in a cluster with distributed computing. Should one table be busy, and require more computational power, processing power is distributed from a quieter table – working as a network.

Run Your Casino on Data

Our ChipVue system provides casinos actionable insights into player value and dealer performance metrics never before available.

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Every Hand and Every Bet

ChipVue captures real-time data of every single wager at every spot, for every hand played. Using our patented, optical bet recognition system, the value of each wager is automatically calculated in real time.

Capture Every Main Bet and Side Bet

The system is capable of tracking the value of all wagers made at the table with 95+% accuracy. The ChipVue system captures main bets and side bets separately to calculate the most accurate theoretical win/loss per player.

An Ecosystem with Insights

Starting with ChipVue as a foundation, casinos now have an ecosystem of bet recognition tools, and business optimization tools – all centered around collecting great data, to generate invaluable insights and make great marketing, staffing, security, and business decisions.

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